Subscriptions for 2018-19 Season

Single Membership………………..£45.00   £22.50

Family Membership……………….£70.00   £35

Concessionary Membership……£40.00    £20

Family    2 Adults (spouse/partner) and children up to and including the age of 19*

New Members.    Anyone who is joining the Society for the first time will receive an introductory discount of £5 on their membership for their first year of membership provided they join  no later than 7 December 2018

Concessions    a) Anyone of, or above the National State Retirement Age at the start of the season per the published Programme Dates and per the Government’s published retirement Age Tables

  1. b) Students up to and including the age of 19*; or
  2. c) anyone Unemployed through illness

Note: * Anyone aged under 16 or under must be accompanied by an adult so the Family Membership applies.

Everyone Joining the Society is made aware of how their personal Data is held and that it is used, for their benefit, purely in the administration of the Society’s business to run and operate as a Photographic Society eg: reminding Members of Competition Rules and Entry Submission deadlines, passing on information received from other like minded Clubs and Societies about forthcoming Events, including EAF, PAGB & RPS Rules, Regulations and Events, Tutorials from other Photographers/Lecturers etc; and also, when and where appropriate, between just the Committee Members in respect of the general day to day running of the Society. Emergency Contact Details will only be passed to a Member of the Emergency Services if the need arises eg: if the Meeting Hall has to be evacuated and someone is unaccounted for. 


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