1. Trophies awarded from Competitions held during the Society’s Year (Season) will be presented at the AGM for that Year (Season)
  2. Trophies awarded from Image of the Year (Season) Competition held during the “Closed Season” ie the break from the end of one Society Year (Season) to the start of the next one, will be presented at the earliest available opportunity at the start of the new Year (Season)
  3. If any Recipient of Trophies awarded under 1 or 2 above cannot be present, the Chairman or Competition Secretary will make arrangements to present/deliver the Trophy/Trophies as soon as reasonably practical thereafter.
  4. The Recipient of any of the Society’s Trophies is personally responsible for them from the Date they are in receipt of them to the Date they are returned to the Committee Member for onward presentation.
  5. If any Trophy is damaged, whether accidental or not, whilst in the possession of a Recipient, all damages/repair work is to be paid for by the Recipient, after being given the option of getting the work done personally or by the Committee and the invoiced by the Society. If a Trophy is so badly damaged that repair is not economical, then the Recipient must, at his/her own expense, replace the Trophy, including all previously engraved Shields etc (see below)
  6. All Trophies must be returned for Engraving when requested by either the Chairman or the Competition Secretary so that the Society can take advantage of any “bulk” discount available for getting hem all engraved at the same time, by the one Nominated Engraver. They will be returned as soon as reasonably practical which may include the Recipient collecting them personally from the Chairman/Secretary.
  7. All Trophies must be returned, cleaned and polished where appropriate, to either the Chairman or the Competition Secretary, as requested, within two weeks of the next Presentation and by the date specified by the Chairman/Competition Secretary.
  8. Whenever possible, all Year-to-Year (Season-to-Season) Trophy Engraving will be carried out at the expense of the Society, if funds permit. If not, the Committee has the power to withhold Engraving until such time as (a)Funding becomes available; or (b) a Trophy can be engraved at a Recipient’s own personal expense with prior arrangement with the Committee; or (c) other Funding can be arranged by the Membership as and when required at an AGM or EGM.


  1. “Trophy” is inclusive of all Shields, Cups, Plaques etc either Donated to, or purchased by, the Society and which are awarded to Winning Authors/Recipients.
  2. “Engraving” includes Shields and engraving directly onto a Cup pr Plaque etc and includes “Gamlingay Photographic Society, the Name of the particular Trophy ie “Colour Print of the Year” and “Donated by”.