The Peter Berry Shield – Colour Prints. Set Subject

Donated by the Society’s First Chairman Peter (Pete) Berry

  1. Prints – A maximum of 2 Colour Prints per person.
  2. All elements /components of any submitted prints must only be processed bythe submitting Member and must be entirely the Member’s own work.
  3. Set Subject to be Voted on at the AGM.
  4. Prior to the AGM, the Committee will decide on Three Set Subjects to put forward at the AGM and those Committee Members and Society Members present at the AGM will be allowed One Vote each. The Set Subject with the majority Votes will be set for the forthcoming Season.  In the event of a tie, the Chairman, or Acting Chairman, has the Casting Vote.
  5. Prints from the Peter Berry Shield do not count towards the Monthly Prints Trophy but they are eligible to be entered for the Image of the Year(Season) Competition and the overall Image of the Year(Season).
  6. The Rules for this Competition can be changed by the Committee/Membership at an AGM.


This Competition was set up by Pete as a Home Processed Colour Prints only Competition.  It was changed by the Membership at the 2012/13 AGM to be for Digital Images, but was reverted back to entirely Prints at the 2013/14 AGM.