The Nick Bruce Anniversary Trophy

(This Trophy was purchased from Funds from the Society’s successful 21st Anniversary Exhibition held in April 1991.  It was named after the then Vice Chairman, Nick Bruce whose idea the exhibition was.  Originally it was set to include Slides, but this was changed at the 2012-13 AGM)

  1. One Set of 3 Pieces of work per Member – any format/any combination ie 3 Black & White Prints, 2 Black & White Prints and 1 Colour Print or 2 Colour Prints and 1 Black & White Print.

NB : This is not a Portfolio Competition –it is Three Pieces of work which must all be on the Set Subject for the given Season.

  1. Each Piece of Work will be marked on it’s own merit Out of Ten – the Aggregate Total of the Three Pieces of Work is the Winner.
  2. In the event of a tie – all tying Sets will be shown again and the Judge is to decide the overall Winner.
  3. The Winner has to announce the next Season Set Subject on or by the AGM.  The Set Subject must be something which all Members can do in all Mediums.  In the absence of the Winner not setting the Subject, the Subject is to be set by the Competition Secretary.
  4. Maximum Print Size is 12” by 16”
  5. The Rules for this Competition can only be changed by Nick personally or with his agreement if the Membership proposes any change. After his death, the Committee/Membership will need to decide how any Rule Changes will be made.