The Laurence Broderick Trophy

Donated by Lawrence – Sculptured Statue of his wife on a Wooden Plinth

  1. A Black & White Portfolio of 3 Prints of any size with a linked theme.
  2. Maximum of 2 Portfolios per Member
  3. Prints and Negatives (if applicable) must only be processed by the member (ie Commercial Processing is not permitted for this Competition)
  4. Subject: Open
  5. Mount Size – it is Lawrence’s wish that the Photographer also shows as Artistic side in the presentation of their Portfolios eg all three on one piece of board but to the shaope of an image within then portfolio. Therefore, there is no restriction on the Mount Board  However, should the Selection Committee wish an individual image from the Portfolio be put forward for Selection for External Competitions, they will ask the author it they will produce that image mounted on the standard outside Mount Size of 400mm x 500mm per standard rules on print entry.
  6. The Rules for this competition can only be changed by Lawrence personally or with his agreement if the Membership proposes any change. After his death, the Committee/Membership will need to decide how any rule changes will be made.