Overall Competition Rules

General Competition Rules

  1. Entries for all competitions excluding Portfolio Competitions will be marked out of Ten with Half-Marks at the Judge’s Discretion and placed First, Second and Third by their marks unless otherwise stated.
  2. Portfolios will be Judged as Numbered and Presented reading Left to Right, by the submitting Author. It will be explained to  the individual Judge that they can alter the order to demonstrate to the audience if they feel a different way of presentation will work better, but the Images must be returned to the original way of presentation for marking.
  3. Portfolio Entries will not be given individual marks.
  4. All elements of Placed Portfolio Entries cannot be used in any subsequent Internal Competitions but can be entered in that Season’s Image of the Year (Season) Competition.
  5. Every part of the final Entry must be totally the Members own work and originally taken on a Stills Camera or produced by a Digital Light Source.
  6. No Age Rule applies to any Print or DPI.

Placed Entries

  1. No Print or Projected Image placed First, Second or Third in the Society’s Competitions may be used in any subsequent Internal Competition, but can be entered in that Season’s Image of the Year (Season) Competition
  2. On the evening of the Competition, it will be announced which Images have been placed and cannot be used again in Internal Competitions. This will vary depending upon scores eg Three Tens or more means that everything Scoring lower is not placed or One Ten, One Nine and One Eight means that all Three will be place.  For Portfolio Entries Placed First, Second and Third all or any individual piece from them, or any element within them, cannot be used again.
  3. Any Entry receiving a Highly Commended, image of the Year (Season) may, subject to the Entries Rule below, be used in subsequent Internal Competitions.
  4. Negatives or Slides producing a Places Print or DPI in an Internal Competition must not be used for any subsequent Internal Competition.
  5. A Colour Print produced from a Projected Image (including scanned slides or Negatives) which has obtained a Placing in an Internal Competition must not be used for subsequent Internal Competitions.
  6. Authors are requested to keep their own individual Records of Placed Images. Please ask the Competition Secretary if in doubt.

Entries Rule

  1. From the 2013 Season, subject to the Standard Placings Rule, all Entries (Print or DPI) cannot be entered more than a Maximum of 3 (Three) Times. This is not retrospective so unplaced Entries used before can be entered up to a maximum of a further 3 Times.
  1. Where a Competition offers the Author to enter a Reserve set of Images, the decision will be taken on the Evening of the Competition as to whether Reserves can be entered.  Therefore, the Author accepts the risk, and the cost of producing hat Reserve set, that it may not be used in that competition. The decision will be based on the numbers of Individual Entries going in all Competitions being run on that Evening and will be made by the Chairman (or Acting Chairman and the Competition Secretary (or Acting Competition Secretary in consultation with the Judge.  Before any of the Competitions start that Evening, the Membership will be informed whether or not Reserve Entries are being included.
  2. Authors are requested to keep their own Records of Entries. Please ask the Competition Secretary if in doubt.


  1. The Running Order of Competitions may vary from Season to Season but the Monthly Points ranking ones will always be the first ones. The Programme Secretary/Programme Committee will decide from Season to Season, depending on Number of Entries previously receives, on which Nights and whether more than one Competition from the following will be held on One Night:  The Lawrence Broderick Trophy, The Peter Berry Shield, The Lyndon Baker Trophy, The Nick Bruce Anniversary Trophy and the DPIs Portfolio Trophy.
  2. Providing that the Society has available both an appropriate laptop and Digital Projector, DPIs will be allowed in Competitions as stated herein and/or in each Season’s published Programme.