Image Submission Information

 Internal Competitions

 All Prints must be mounted to the outside Mount Size of 400mm x 500mm and must be   Each entry must be identified on the back with the Authors Name and the Title of the piece of work.  Any placed DPI will go on the web site with the Author’s Name and Image Title unless specifically requested not to do so at the time of submission.  Members should note that their competition images will be presented, along with the full competition results in the password protected area of the web site.  The password to the Member’s Only Area of the website can be obtained by members by email on request from the Secretary.

  1. Home or Commercial Printing is allowed (except where alternatively specified in any individual competition)
  2. Prints must be with the Competition Secretary/Acting Competition Secretary by 7:45 on the Evening of the Advertised Competition.

External Competitions

  1. The Chairman/Acting Chairman or Head of Selection will give out, at meetings, when the Closing Deadline for Submission is per Competition. Emails will also be sent calling work for selection, giving the Deadline.  Prints must be given direct via Jackie or Stan.

Digital Images

  1. Nick Bruce is the “Nominated Keeper” for all digital images.
  2. For all Internal and External Competitions, all Digital Images must be sent to Nick either by email to or by CD or Memory Stick handed to Jackie.
  3. Format of Image – 1600 x 1200 pixels at 300 DPI, JPG, sRGB colourspace  NOTE CHANGED SIZE
  4. Metadata – 1. Title, 2 Authors Name.
  5. Internal Competition Deadline – 12pm Midnight on the Friday Night before the Competition Date (ie one week before the Competition).
  6. External Competition Deadline – Jackie will announce at meetings per Competition/email Members as per Prints.

Images below show how to add metadata to image files before submission and also how to check the colour space and size of the image.

Metadata Page 1
Metadata Page 1
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It would be appreciated if you would indicate when submitting all digital images:

  1. Internal: if they are to be entered into the Images of the Year (Season Competition) and/or which External Competitions you wish them to be considered in the selection for or;
  2. External: which Competitions you wish them to be considered in the Selection for.

In the absence of these instructions, Nick will check with the individual Authors before Entries are used.

All Internal Entries and the final selection for External Competitions will be sent by Nick to the Projectionist for the evening concerned.  The Projectionist will prepare the entry list for the Competition Secretary/Acting Competition Secretary for the relevant Competition.

  1. For the St Ives Interprint – for every Print offered for selection, a Digital Image is required at the same time (either by email, CD or Memory Stick) as a CD has to be submitted to St Ives Photographic Club for Projection on the Evening of the Competition when the Judges’ Comments and Scores Are given out.
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