Image of the Season

 The Image of the Year (Season) consists of:

    1. Black & White Prints.
    2. Colour Prints.
    3. Digitally Projected Images.

From the Monthly Competitions, the Peter Berry Shield & The DPIs Portfolio.  The First Placed Image from each Medium will be judged against each other for the overall Image of the Year(Season)

  1. Entries for the Print/DPI/Image of the Year(Season) Competitions MUST have been entered in that Season’s Internal Competitions.
  2. It is the decision of the submitting Author which Entries to submit for this Competition ie every piece of work which has been in that Season’s Competitions, or just a selection, but the Entries must only be those which have been entered during that Season’s Internal Competitions.
  3. All individual Print and DPI Portfolio Entries must be individually separately Titled as well as having their Portfolio Title for Entrance into the Print/DPI/Image of the Year(Season). Numbered 1,2or 3 is not sufficient.  Any entries not correctly Titled will not be accepted.
  4. Titling and Presentation applies to this competition.
  5. The Closing Date for each Season’s Print/DPI/Image of the Year(Season) is that Season’s AGM. To be included, all Entries must be with the Competition Secretary or their Nominated Collector on or before that Date.
  6. Any Print/DPI/Image obtaining a First, Second or Third Placing in Print/DPI/Image of the Year (Season) CANNOT be used in any subsequent Internal Competitions. Subject to the Entries Rule, any receiving a Highly Commended can be used subsequently.
  7. Authors are requested to keep their own records of Placed Images. Pease ask the Competition Secretary if in doubt.
  8. Trophies for this competition will be presented, where possible, on the Evening of the First Competition at the Start of the next Season (see also Rules 2 and 3 in the “Trophies” section of the rules.
  9. The Trophies are:
    1. The Black & White Print of the Year Cup.
      1. Donated by Robert(Bob) Stocks LRPS.
    2. The Dave Radford Shield for Colour Print of the Year.
      1. Donated by Alan Riley.
    3. The Digitally Projected Image of the Year Plaque.
      1. Donated by Ron Pickford – Started 2012-13.
    4. The Gwen Sharpe Image of the Year(Season) Plaque.
      1. Donated byhe Membership in thye 2001-2 Season when this Trophy was purchased. Each Member gave £1 and the balance came from Society Funds
    5. The Slide of the Year Cup (Discontinued)
      1. Donated by Peter Berry. Last Holder: Nick Bruce.  Slides were removed from all Competitions at the 2013 AGM.