General Rules


 The Society is affiliated to the  Photographic Alliance of Great Britain (PAGB) through the East Anglian Federation of Photographic Societies (EAF)

  1. Payment  of subscriptions to become a member of the Society or Acceptance and taking-up of a One Year (Dated Season’s) Free Membership eg offered in the Photographic Section of Local Shows is deemed Acknowledgement, and Acceptance of the Society’s Constitution and Competition Rules. To enter Competitions and vote at the AGM, you must be a Fully Paid-up Member of the Society.
  2. Any Placed DPI will go on the Website with the Author’s Name and Image Title unless specifically requested not to do so at the time of submission for Competitions.  The images will be shown in the “Competition” password protected area of the web site.
  3. The site will have one item on the menu, all pages below which will only be accessible via a password.  This password has been developed to protect copyright of any information that belongs to either the club or it’s members.  Information held within this area is only for the use of the club and it’s members so members are respectfully requested to maintain the privacy of that password.   The password may be changed at any time to maintain this privacy but in any case will always be replaced following the first competition of a new season.

Health and Safety

  1. All Members, Visitors, Judges and Lecturers must “sign-in” in the Society’s Register Book, including their Car Registration Number, if applicable.  They must “sign-out” if they leave before the end of the meeting.
  2. If the Fire Alarm activates, all present must assemble in the Front Car Park and be accounted for and cannot leave until advised to do so.
  3. All Committee Members present must ensure that all Health and Safety Rules are followed.  If there are no Committee Members present then a Member of the Society must ensure that these Procedures are followed and must ensure that everyone attending the meeting has left the Village College premises before it is locked up, especially if the Site Agent/Caretaker has not arrives by the time the last Society Member is ready to leave.

Young People and Vulnerable Adults

 Any Member aged under 16 years must be accompanied to every meeting by an Adult ie Parent or Guardian and the Family Membership subscription applies. If they win a Season’s Free Membership, that will include the accompanying adult.

  1. For any Member aged 16 to 18 years, their parent/Guardian must inform the Committee what arrangements they are happy with for the “Young Person” to make their own way to and from the College.
  2. Vulnerable Adults – individual arrangements, as appropriate, including Health & Safety.  If a person requires a Carer/Adult to be with them, Family Membership will apply.

Payment of Subscriptions

 Subscriptions must be paid by the Third Meeting of each new season and to enter Competitions you must be a Fully Paid-up Member where the First Competition of the Season is within those first Three Evenings, Subscriptions must be with the Treasurer no later than 7:45pm on the evening of the competition.

  1. This rule does not apply to a Member holding a Season’s Free Membership won at a Nominated Local Show, for that Season only, as they are automatically a “Fully Paid-up” Member for the purposes of entering Competitions and Voting at the AGM


 Written Proposed and Seconded Nominations for Committee Members’ Posts are to be made Two Weeks prior to the AGM